2021-2022 School Year

>> Here are the new Landscaping plans for CCE by the district

We have significant land north of the outdoor classroom to develop green spaces that align with our vision! Join us as we develop these plans together with students, staff and the community.

2020-2021 School Year
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EEP Distance Learning with youtube
In order to bring the garden to our distance learners, we have just launched an EEP youtube channel. We'll share videos with garden tours, harvesting and preparing food, instructional videos, and informational videos.
Become a Virtual Garden Parent/Volunteer
Interested in bringing the gardens to your classroom through video and possibly even zoom? We still have our CCE garden beds available for interested garden parents. Please email us at cesarchavezeep@gmail.com.

New MPR and Green Spaces

The new MPR with its northern placement will displace the current location of the food gardens and outdoor classroom. We hope to work closely with CCE staff and the district to find an optimal new placement for these important green spaces. One vision is to place the food gardens and or outdoor classroom in front of the new lunch area, creating a green barrier between the two hard scapes of the building and blacktop

Below is a before and after schoolyard designed by Green Schoolyards America.










"Well-designed green schoolyards model the ecologically-rich cities we would like to inhabit. They do this at a smaller scale, and teach the next generation how to live more lightly on the Earth—shaping places where urbanization and nature coexist and natural systems are prominent and visible, for all to enjoy. " Environmental planner Sharon Gamson Danks is CEO of Green Schoolyards  America  and  principal  of  Bay  Tree  Design  in  Berkeley,  California. >> Read full article "The Green Schoolyard Movement"

Outdoor Learning Initiative
Interested in Outdoor Learning? Check out weekly zoom meeting to discuss outdoor learning by the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative

Food Gardens During Covid / Food Justice

We have been growing food in our gardens during the 2020 summer thanks to the the help of many CCE families. EEP support immediate and long-term use of our schoolyards to address food insecurity, health and wellbeing in the community.  Since Covid, food insecurity among children in the US has risen to 1 in 5 and obesity continues to be a growing crisis. This includes members of our community. As a Spanish-immersion school dedicated to multiculturalism and honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez, we value food justice and food education and recommend that the warming kitchen planned for the new MPR be modified for use as a teaching kitchen. 


We believe that a teaching kitchen where children can prepare healthy meals and snacks using food harvested from the garden would provide the ideal learning lab to teach much needed healthy and sustainable living skills while also affirming the cultural importance of food. Full functioning kitchens with dishwashers would also greatly help reduce waste during school and class functions because we could then introduce reusable dishware. One of our garden parents recalls a memorable day volunteering to help kindergarteners harvest fresh tomatoes and cilantro from their garden plot to make salsa using traditional molcajetes (Meso-american stone grinding tool). We believe our school would greatly benefit from the enhanced infrastructure to support this kind of vital lifelong learning and development of healthy eating habits and hope that you can incorporate a teaching kitchen into the MPR plan.


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