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CCE's Green Schoolyard (NEW!!!)

We will be transforming our Green Schoolyard into a nature-based outdoor play and learning space for environmental enrichment, supporting social emotional learning through the connection to our natural world. The designated space is between the new bike path and the blacktop. If you are interested in joining the CCE Green Schoolyard Committee, please contact us at

"Well-designed green schoolyards model the ecologically-rich cities we would like to inhabit. They do this at a smaller scale, and teach the next generation how to live more lightly on the Earth—shaping places where urbanization and nature coexist and natural systems are prominent and visible, for all to enjoy. " Environmental planner Sharon Gamson Danks is CEO of Green Schoolyards  America  and  principal  of  Bay  Tree  Design  in  Berkeley,  California. >> Read full article "The Green Schoolyard Movement"


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